Tuesday, October 12, 2010


My father, Duarte B. Santos, was a talented artist, an inspirational teacher, and a true friend to all those around him. This blog is dedicated to celebrating his life. I have decided to go with this particular format as opposed to a traditional website due to the sheer number of accomplishments and works of art to document. Perhaps it will take my entire lifetime to capture just a small fragment of the person he was on these pages. Thank you so much for visiting and please be sure to check back from time to time.

Joshua Santos
His Loving Son


  1. Dear Josh,
    What an amazing presentation you made in honor of your Father. Your speech was "perfect", and it was at this moment that I realized how much you are like your Father--so social, talented and loving. Paul and I are proud to have you as a Son, and so happy that you and Sarah have each other. Know that your Father was looking down at you yesterday (as always) from his special place in Heaven. Also, know that he is a proud father--of all of the many positive accomplishments you've already achieved in your life. It is obvious that your father is with you in heart and soul, and that you and Cathy have the the loving support of family and friends. Yesterday was a day to remember, a wonderful celebration at Anne Darling!
    Lots of Love,
    Karen and Paul (your other parents)

    p.s. This is a GREAT blog!

  2. Parabéns!!!
    Caro amigo Joshua Santos, obrigado pelo link do blog em memória do teu extremoso pai(meu grande AMIGO).
    Foi com grande emoção que fui lendo e admirando, tanto o texto como as ilustrações fotográficas; muito bem documentadas e historiadas de uma grande obra de um grande artista que foi - Duarte Bettencourt Santos.
    Foi, realmente, um grande artista dotado de uma inteligência ímpar. Era um homem sensível à dor humana e resignado coma a sua própria doença.
    Um grande abraço e continua assim - o teu pai bem o merece.

    PS. Eu tenho uma foto, muito antiga, da minha família, retocada e recuperada por ele.(comento com conhecimento de causa - um verdadeiro artista em qualquer parte do mundo - podes dizê-lo!

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