Friday, January 3, 2020

26 Years

2020, the future. While we might not be driving flying cars or vacationing on the moon, we live in a world that is vastly different than just a few decades ago. We store all of the world's information in our pockets, can stream any show ever made in real time on our TVs, and some of the lucky ones have cars that can drive themselves on the freeway. 

My father always loved technology and I can't help but imagine what he would think about the world today or how he would use technology to help others. When he was living in São Miguel, he was actually the first person to televise mass in the Azores to reach as many people as possible. Decades before PowerPoint, he created multimedia slide presentations with transitions and synced music. Long before digital cameras and scanners, he would take photographs and convert them into digital images by drawing them pixel by pixel.

I'm where I am today because he taught me how to use a computer when I was six years old and always encouraged me to use technology to it's fullest. I can't ever fully express how thankful I am for the lessons he taught me in life. 

You will always be missed dad.